Have you accepted Jesus as your favorite news story?

I am way too lazy to compile something like this myself, but I'm glad somebody is willing to go to the effort!


2 thoughts on “Have you accepted Jesus as your favorite news story?

  1. This just made me think of the first time I watched the evening news in SLC and the soft news for the evenings was how someone was saved by a bullet from a religious amulet of some sort… don’t remember the details but I don’t think I watched much local television news after that…

  2. I must say, that you’re atheism is driven by hatred. YOur writing sounds so,… desperate, angry, disappointed. You don’t sound so happy about life and about yourself…..

    As if you want to blame everything on God.

    If you don’t like Him and His existence,… so leave Him alone! Why you write about Him in anger? What has God done wrong to you?

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