February 16, 2013



“Downton Abbey” and the question of god, Cardinal Roger Mahony feels like Jesus is humiliating him for a purpose, a public school refuses to take down picture of Jesus, US House of Representatives votes to extend disaster relief to religious groups, transgender priest, and we take your calls and emails.

Show Notes:

3 thoughts on ““Mahony vs. the World” #66

  1. hello guys,

    so about the debate between you two regarding the whole FEMA giving money to churches … here is something to think about … FEMA gets money from tax payers, churches do not have to pay taxes into any collective bucket used by local or federal governments … ever … for anything … unlike other 501c3′s that have to pay taxes and list everyone who has donated, churches do not have to do either … if a Christian church spews hate, bigotry and racism is somehow destroyed, by an “act of god”, why should an atheist, sheik, Muslim or Jewish tax payer have to front the bill again to rebuild that building. the church that was destroyed has never put money into any local or federal government collective to help re-build any other building used by other 501c3′s.

    this also goes for any other religious building destroyed by an “act of god”. why should a tax payer, religious or otherwise, have to pay twice to build that same building.

    love the show, looking forward to the next one :)


  2. I just heard the show today and was going to post the exact same comment that Sean just did! I agree that if religious organizations paid taxes and were required to disclose any and all financials, then they could share in the FEMA money. Dan, think about all those super-rich pastors from megachurches: do you want to give them money and then they don’t have to disclose how they spend it?

    I’m “Team Frank” on this issue :)

  3. I couldn’t find comments for episode with your Silverman interview so placing here.

    Just wanted to give you both big credit for talking to someone with an opposing point of view. This is not always fun or easy but important. You were honest and fair. My respect is yours. Thanks

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