February 22, 2013



Mormons and space, Twitter tracks lent, parents sue under separation of church and state to stop the teaching of yoga in public schools, legislator attempts to change definitions of scientific terms, Bill O’Reilly writes another book, the pope dominates international religion news, and Sarah Silverman’s sister arrested at Wailing Wall. 

Show Notes:

One thought on ““Moon Quakers” #67

  1. love the show. you guys have been such a solid structure for my (non)beliefs.

    every time i tune in i accompany it with my yoga practice, so this episode gave me a good laugh.

    but on the topic of yoga. it has SO many benefits.. like you said it increases attentiveness, makes you limber, etc etc. Incorporating yoga into physical education in the public school systems where young kids are being diagnosed with ADD ( and given unnecessary prescriptions for it ) at an alarming rate is such a smart move. Most kids diagnosed with ADD aren’t suffering from a disorder they are just YOUNG KIDS with A SHIT TON OF ENERGY who don’t have the attention span to sit an stare at a board while someone talks at them for 8 hours a day. And yoga being the centering, grounding practice that it is can definitely help that. i’m totally for it. the people who are suing are just insecure about their own religion and where it can and cannot be displayed in the public school system. lets face it, god’s not making anybody lean and limber. it really has nothing to do with religion. uhg. america.

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