The Toaster of Fortitude


What do you do when you're a 70+ year old man living in rural Prattville, Alabama, you have health problems, and you have more paint than you know what to do with? You proclaim the gospel, of course! And you do it by creating hundreds of crosses and dozens of signs painted on old appliances.

Here's the thing: we didn't really get half of this guy's stuff into this video. It just goes on and on and on! We actually saw one pole that had a bunch of crosses nailed to it, and then a dozen or so SIGNS THAT SAID THE WORD "CROSS"!!! That's right- he stopped making actual crosses, and instead painted the word "cross" onto a piece of wood, and nailed that up. You can imagine the looks on our faces when we realized that we had forgotten to get that on camera for y'all. (Note: we are officially using the word y'all, now)

Oh well, we can't bring you everything. What we can bring you is me (Dan) acting silly at a roadside pile of weirdness commonly known as "The Cross Garden":


5 thoughts on “The Toaster of Fortitude

  1. Hi guys.

    I love listening to your podcast.


    If some Christians believe in the rapture, and that they will be raptured up into heaven, shouldn’t these people be banned from driving cars, taxis and buses? Shouldn’t we say they can’t be pilots? After all, if what they believe is true, one day they are going to be raptured away, and whatever they are driving is going to smash into something or someone.


    • How can that happen. You believe it isn’t so. Therefore, you’ve nothing to worry about. Fortunate for you, we all want to be surrounded by the values of Christianity. Denying Christianity is the same as blocking ourselves from God’s blessings. I hope you live a long full life and always have people in you life who love you. Without morality anything goes out the window. What ever you value as right or wrong is out the window. Without Christian values and the removing the basis of morals and/or ethics we have only the dictates of individuals. Meaning, all actions become acceptable practice though the numbers of those believers, involving themselves in similar practices, may be few.
      Believe what you will but logically you have no grounds for your personal belief accept the commonality you have with the few who believe similarly.

      • 70% of the people in prison are Christians, but only .02% OF PRISONERS ARE ATHEISTS. Does that tell you something about Christian ethics, or Atheist ethics?

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