If Jesus Were A Wicked Witch… (Road Trip Video Number 3)

A charming little hamlet on the Mississippi river, Vicksburg, Mississippi has been a thriving beacon of commerce for well over a century. One of the battlegrounds of the Civil Wa… er… the "War Between the States", Vicksburg is rich in history. Like everywhere else in the South, it is also rich in churches. This is one of them. Enjoy.


 Some churches should have warning signs… Regardless of the fact that I couldn't read this one, that's exactly what I take this to be:

Crossing Groom

Video number 2 from our Homeric adventure. There's something special about a place where folks are so bored that they can't think of a better use of their time than to build something huge in an area NOBODY has any reason to visit.

Well… nobody except us.


A Few Things From the Podcast…

Some fun/frightening items for this holy week. First, the vid of “Passover Rhapsody” in all its puppet-y glory.

Yikes. I can’t believe I’ve missed the phenomenon of cheese-ball Jewish productions. Here I was thinking that only Christians had the collective dopiness to create something as awful as this. Oh Jewish community, I’m so sorry for doubting your cheese! And just to prove that this wasn’t a one-off fluke, TGIA proudly offers this:

Shalom, y’all!

It’s Delightful And Informative!

I realize many of you have seen this, but I realized that I’ve never linked to it here, so I thought I’d better clue you in!

 Jesus Plastic-Brick Christ on a Cross!
 As always… for a good time, click on Jesus!

It’s the Brick Testament, and it… is… awesome!



The 80s Could Be So Cruel

I guess I only have two questions:

1. If it is true that “since time began, he remains the same”, then how is he managing to “do a new thang”?

2. Where can I get those pants? Seriously- I want them!

Two Guys I Tend to Agree With

I’m surprised to find that, while I very much enjoy combing the interwebs for interesting comment on religion, it took me a good long while to find the treasures that are Sam Harris‘ numerous talks and religious debates.  Many fellow atheists would be appalled at my ignorance of Mr. Harris’ vast youtube empire. He is, after all, one leg of the holy trinity of the modern popular anti-theist movement (along with Dawkins and Hitchins).  To those fellow atheists, I say: I know you are but what am I? To which they say: What?

Here’s what I’ve decided: I like Harris. A LOT.  He is, in my estimation, the most fair-minded and intellectually honest of the three (though they all make significant efforts to these ends). He is also the strongest debater.  And he’s younger and more handsome. And he’s American, so he doesn’t come off half as snooty to our ears as those other limey bastards.

Because I like him so much, I will share something of his here (it’s not the best something, it’s just something that was good enough that I could stop looking and let my inherent laziness again assume control):


Now go get his books, or you’re stupid!
I also just discovered this guy, with whom I also frequently seem to agree:

Jesus is a Mountie?

I have to admit, religion throughout the ages has produced some of the most beautiful art that exists. From Michaelangelo’s celings to Handel’s oratorios to ancient Muslim architecture, religion has had a hand in creating much beauty in the world.

It also created this.

For your viewing pleasure (is the guitar player in socks?):