Two Guys I Tend to Agree With

I’m surprised to find that, while I very much enjoy combing the interwebs for interesting comment on religion, it took me a good long while to find the treasures that are Sam Harris‘ numerous talks and religious debates.  Many fellow atheists would be appalled at my ignorance of Mr. Harris’ vast youtube empire. He is, after all, one leg of the holy trinity of the modern popular anti-theist movement (along with Dawkins and Hitchins).  To those fellow atheists, I say: I know you are but what am I? To which they say: What?

Here’s what I’ve decided: I like Harris. A LOT.  He is, in my estimation, the most fair-minded and intellectually honest of the three (though they all make significant efforts to these ends). He is also the strongest debater.  And he’s younger and more handsome. And he’s American, so he doesn’t come off half as snooty to our ears as those other limey bastards.

Because I like him so much, I will share something of his here (it’s not the best something, it’s just something that was good enough that I could stop looking and let my inherent laziness again assume control):


Now go get his books, or you’re stupid!
I also just discovered this guy, with whom I also frequently seem to agree:

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