It Begins…

Well kids, it's fo' real. We… are in Texas. The Thank God I'm Atheist road trip through the South has begun, and here's proof. Enjoy:


8 thoughts on “It Begins…

  1. I hope you get to have fun! Eager to see more vid’s. Are you going to put them all into one video later on?

  2. Funny thing, when I started your video, immediately a “want to become a pastor” ad came up and stayed there the whole time! Guys, I love you! Good luck on your trip.

  3. If there were a “like” button, I probably would have broken my keyboard from pressing it too much! Nice job, and keep up the video posts!

  4. These are great and so easy to catch up on if you miss one. I worry about you wearing your shirts around there. It’s a good thing the place wasn’t open you might have gotten the tar & feathers. Have fun and keep the videos coming.

  5. Love your podcast guys. Nice to finally put faces with the voices. Looking good too!

    I’ll be recommending you on episode 14 of my Facts Before Faith podcast. The episode will be about crappy anti-gay marriage arguments. You guys played that hilarious TBN clip where the guy was saying gay sex is like using the wrong plug in an electrical outlet. I have to borrow that as it was rather special.

    Thanks for all the awesome shows.


  6. If I had seen your faces without the voices I would have switched you with each other. Frank looks like a happy well adjusted straight serial killer, Dan looks like a happy gay actor slash comedian. With way too much facial hair.

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