Oh… my… GOD!!!

We failed you! In spite of all our BEST efforts, we were unable to cobble together a podcast for this week! Mea Culpa!

Humbly, we are chastising ourselves, appropriately flagellating and scourging our bodies, and looking into systems that we can put into place so this doesn’t happen again (maybe next time, we’ll just run an episode of Touched by an Angel backwards and see if you guys hear any hidden messages…).

So… until late Wednesday night, which is when we usually post our little show, I’ll have to leave you with this bit of wackiness (middle-aged white guy nuttiness begins at about the 0:30 mark). There’s a prize for anyone who can understand more than three words this guy sings…


6 thoughts on “FAIL!

  1. Is this an atheist podcast or a forum for mindless left wing apologists? In your latest podcast you start by appropriately hammering the Pennsylvania legislature for making 2012 the year of the bible. OK, I’m with you. Then, you bring up Obama’s prayer breakfast. But, suddenly your focus shifted. Not a peep about why the president should not be hosting a prayer service. Rather, the point you chose to make was how Republicans opposed Obama’s tax policies and that they feel god is on their side. Seems like your focus was to hammer Republicans, while giving Obama a free pass on his religious meddling. You even seem to go so far as to be defending Obama as being a Christian against accusations that he may be a Muslim, rather than faulting him for his frequent invoking of god and his faith. Why?

  2. Melissa- thanks for understanding (and allowing us to pretend like we have lives)!

    Marc- A fair point, perhaps. I suppose the difference is that Obama is a Christian acting for himself, whereas the legislators of Pennsylvania enacted their resolution in an official capacity and in a way that means it applies to all of their constituents. While we would LOVE it if Obama weren’t a Christian, he is one. Nothing we can do about that. So it’s hardly news that he prays and meets with other religious people. That’s kinda what Christians do.

    That’s why we found the other angle (that of FauxNews’ objection) the more interesting angle. I promise, the second Obama declares a national “Day of Doing Something Christain” we’ll pounce like pumas on crack!

  3. I of course agree that any legislative action promoting or imposing one groups religious beliefs on all deserves to be called out, not to mention, contrary to their screwy logic, it’s completely unconstitutional. But, I’d suggest that a presidential prayer breakfast crosses the line and goes beyond his private practices. Further, it has been reported that Obama is now the president who has invoked god or Jesus more than any other, including W and Carter who were both very openly religious. I would love to see the day when we elect an openly atheist president, but Obama ain’t him.

  4. In America Atheism isn’t recognized within respectful terms. So it’s going to be a while until we have an Atheist President. Sad, but true.

  5. Oh GOURD….. I googled ” left wing atheists ” and this came up.. maybe because of the comment at the top ( “left wing apologists ” ) …I haven’t listened yet .I just hope like hell i’ve stumbled across some good leftie atheists !! Woot Woot !!

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