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Oy!  School, a new job, other writing… I've had a lot on my plate the last few weeks, and this poor little website has suffered horrible neglect because of it. I'm sorry, little website. Please forgive me.

Here is your non-believer musing for the day (or week or month- we'll have to see how well I end up doing in the near future): 

The god of the Old Testament of the Bible (this is the god that the Christians and the Jews can agree on), on multiple occasions had to destroy entire cities-full, countries-full and on one occasion a planet-full of people (except for one or two in each instance).  He (yes, that god is male) did this ostensibly because everyone in those cities, countries, and, that one time, everyone on the planet, was wicked.  

The obvious question then becomes: If the god of the Old Testament is omnipotent, why wouldn't he have made people in such a way that he never had to destroy them. What kind of a creator makes a group of creatures in such a way that he will have to destroy them later because they're not up to his own standards? Honestly- wouldn't a perfect being be able to at least hit a 50/50 balance of good and wicked? Is there any way to look at the stories of the O.T. god without seeing him as at very least flawed?  

2 thoughts on “One Busy Little Non-Believer

  1. Eddie Izzard calls this the “the Etch A Sketch end of the world.”

    “Remember with Etch A Sketch when you’d done a house and a sun at the top,you’d try to do a dog down here and you had

    to leave vapour trails all the way long… ‘Oh,bugger it!'”

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