Mormon Jesus

Ok, so having grown up mormon, there are a lot of concepts that always seemed pretty normal to me, but come across a little out there to “gentiles” (yes, mormons call non-mormons gentiles- you should hear some of the other ways they appropriate jewish culture!).  What still strikes me as funny, though, is how up in arms a lot of fundamentalists get about mormons.  The truth is that dogmatically, they all believe the same stuff.  There are some details that differ, but they’re all supposed to live by basically the same rules.

That’s what’s so odd about the fundie response to “mormon Jesus”. It’s the same guy.  They all believe in those nutty stories about him in the Bible, it’s just that the mo’s add some wacky details to liven him up.  They don’t change the message in any appreciable way, but MAN- to hear them born-agains talk, you’d think the mo’s had said the man was black!  They get OUTRAGED!

So outraged, in fact, that they spend their hard-earned money and precious time making animated films about how wrong the mo’s are.  Fortunately, then somebody spends his precious time turning that animated film into this:

God bless ’em!

One thought on “Mormon Jesus

  1. To be honest, I’m only assuming that the fundies made the original animation. I suppose that the mo’s could have made it and the fundies appropriated it and added their own voice-over. I’m really too lazy to figure out what actually happened here, I just like the final product…

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