I was just reading an evangelical believer's blog (I'll spare you the link, though they are a dime a dozen so you can find one if you really wanna…) and HOO BOY!  With all the pressure they put on themselves and each other to get out there and "witness" to the rest of us, all I have to say is this:  I thank god, Jesus, the holy ghost and the spirit of Jerry Falwell that I don't live in the South! 


One thought on “I’m so BLESSED!

  1. I must say, that you’re atheism is driven by hatred. YOur writing sounds so,… desperate, angry, disappointed. You don’t sound so happy about life and about yourself…..

    As if you want to blame everything on God.

    If you don’t like Him and His existence,… so leave Him alone! Why you write about Him in anger? What has God done wrong to you?

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