Dan Visits Mormon General Conference

Most non-Mormons avoid downtown Salt Lake during "Conference." Dan decided to pay the Mormons a visit.

4 thoughts on “Dan Visits Mormon General Conference

  1. Where is the archived audio interview with Mike Norton? I have replayed this interview for out-of-town visitors (Mormon, exMormon, atheist, and others), and–in my opinion, and in the opinion of those who have heard it because I said “you REALLY need to listen to this!”–it is one of the most important parts of your website. Now that you have reorganized the site, I can’t find this interview anymore. From a p.r. and marketing perspective (I am in marketing), this particular interview is an ideal way to introduce your site to many people who, beforehand, were unaware of what you are offering. Thank you for the extremely informative and always entertaining weekly features…and PLEASE tell me where I can find the Mike Norton interview so I can replay it again! Thank you.

  2. Yes, Dan, I too would like to know what you’re wearing?

    I love how little reaction there is just because it’s so quintessentially Utahn!

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