Look Out, Bible Belt- Here Come The Atheists!

Well, y'all, we're doing it! This Spring, Frank and I will be touring this fair Country of ours. Well, we'll be touring part of the Country. The batshit crazy part.

That's right… cue up the banjos, 'cause TGIA is going to the South!

I made the South purple, because every other pic that represents the bible belt makes it red, and then it looks like America just has a rash down there... 
 Mmmm, so Bible-y!

Here's the thing: we don't know what to see! We've both been to the South a bit, but neither of us is overly familiar with the area as a whole (Frank used to live in Oklahoma, of course, but that's a small part of a very big zone). So we need your help!

What we're looking for is the kinda stuff we talk about on the show. Creationist museums, nutty Christian revivals, besieged Mosques, world's largest crucifix…. Anything odd, surreal, or otherwise of interest. Or really good roller coasters. You know… whatever.

Also… YOU! We wanna meet you, our faithful (ha!) listeners! So, with that said:

  • Live in the South? Convince us that your city/town/area is worth making the stop. What's happening out in your neck of the woods that makes your hometown awesome/terrifying/hilarious?
  • Been to the South? Tell us about your not-to-be-missed experiences.
  • Read about something cool? Pass it along!
  • Know nothing about the South? Keep your filthy trap shut!

You can comment here, or email us at podcast [at] thankgodimatheist [dot] com, or click here to find us on the Facebook (and "like" us, while you're at it!).

See you soon!

18 thoughts on “Look Out, Bible Belt- Here Come The Atheists!


    which may seem the only place in the south not TOTALLY cray but we do have a church of scientology here?


    which may seem the only place in the south not TOTALLY cray but we do have a church of scientology here?

  3. Get your Alamo lovins’ in San Antonio!!!!

    We have 4+ very active atheist groups in town.

    1. Freethinkers of Central Texas


    2. San Antonio Atheists


    3. San Antonio Military Freethinkers (MAAF associated)


    4. Texas Freethought Convention



    we have lots of bible belt fun, such as

    1. Pastor John Hagee and the mega Cornerstone Church

    2. Robert Emmitt and the mega Community Bible Church

    3. A whole lot of military related religion

    But most importantly:

    we are just an hour away from Austin !!!!

  4. I grew up in Tulsa, OK.

    You must check out ORU (Oral Roberts University), particularly the Prayer Tower and the former City of Faith “medical” center across the street.

    In Arkansas, the Christ of the Ozarks, in Eureka Springs, is quite a sight to see. ( see url) Outside of Eureka Springs is Thorncrown Chapel, designed by E. Fay Jones. It is a beautiful piece of architecture in a lovely wooded setting, relatively free of religiosity.

    North, outside of Bentonville, AR (home of Walmart), is Crystal Bridges Museum, wherein daughter Alice Walton has done good things with her share of the family fortune by amassing an impressive collection of art and building a remarkable museum in the beautiful Ozarks.

    Happy Trails!

  5. I grew up and live in Arkansas. There’s a town called eureka springs in north Arkansas where there’s a giant Jesus statue and an “earth science” museum that really just spews creationist bullshit.

  6. Come to Charlotte, NC! We’ve got the Billy Graham library, and some gigantic churches. We’ve also got the Charlotte Atheists ( http://www.charlotteatheists.com/ ) so you could hang out with some fellow non-believers.

    The best part is, you’ve got a place to stay if you would like. My wife and I would be happy to board you for a couple of nights. We’ve got a guest room with a queen-sized bed that you could share, or a couch if you’re not cool with sharing.

    You’ve got my e-mail address, so let us know if/when you would like to make the trip.

  7. San Antonio has the rediculiosly gigantic famous Cornerstone Church of John Hagee & son. & u should use google earth to check out his “humble abode” in the Dominion! Quite ridiculous. I’ll see what else I can remember…

  8. I was going to suggest Eureka Spring in Arkansas and see it has already been suggested. But the christ of the Ozarks is definitely weird and worth checking out. They also do a passion play in Eureka Springs too. Never been but I bet it is entertaining. If you guys make it to Northwest Arkansas that would be great! You can also check out the original walmart in Bentonville. And on a more fun not there are several small breweries in Fayetteville that make some pretty tasty beer! Enjoy the podcast guys keep it up!

  9. Knoxville TN! It’s rated the #1 most bible believing city in the US! Plus I just got home from a sold out concert with all christian artists and a couple preachers. Over 19,000 people showed up!!!!! WTF!!!! It was funny, disturbing and scary all at the same time. Plus there’s an atheist meet up group on Tuesdays after the group’s public access TV show.

    • I bet you had a good time at that Christian concert, and felt your spirit stirring up. It felt like home for a reason. It’s all real. Jesus is real, and he’s coming back so soon.

  10. I think you should go to the Saint Bernard’s hospital at Jonesboro, Arkansas…almost all the rooms have crosses >.>

  11. Hey again guys,

    I posted previously about Northwest Arkansas and the big freaky Jesus statue in Eureka Spring. But I wanted to comment again and let you guys know about the Fayetteville Freethinkers group. They meet the last Saturday of every month (except July and December). Their website is here: http://fayfreethinkers.com/ I though if you two happened to be in the area around the end of a month it might be a good group to come talk to and possibly a good chance to record a road podcast! I think the group would love hearing from two former Mormons and their story of leaving the church and coming out to their friends and families as Atheists. Really enjoy the podcast guys! Hope to see you in Arkansas.

  12. Another vote for NW Arkansas!! The Fayetteville Area is a small bastion of tolerance and rationality surrounded by an entirely batshit warm soft bun of halelujah. That said, Fayetteville has hundreds of churches and a giant lit up cross on the highest point in town (privately owned) that overlooks the nightlife (which can be quite hedonistic).

    A previous person mentioned the Fayetteville Freethinkers (great people, though I never seem to have time to make it to meetings). Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art a few miles away is actually a fantastic place to visit, with some extraordinary works on display…

    Yeah, make a stop in Fayetteville, AR. Love the show!!

  13. There are “ zero” atheists or unbelievers in hell, and you won’t be the first one either.
    There are no beer bashes, orgies, ten or more virgins apiece, nor Christian badgers there either.
    Your evolution from a primate hasn’t served you very well either.
    I sincerely pray for your awakening to the greatest reality that Jesus, Jehovah God and His Holy Spirit are the Creators that made mankind in their image.
    You actually could be the next great worldwide evangelist!
    With God nothing is impossible!
    Right now though, you don’t have to do anything to go to hell….. you’re already on the way.
    I do love you and care about you. Your mockery and laughter against a Holy God Jehovah will soon be over.
    If you are ever face death head on, deep inside of your calloused heart you will cry out for God.
    Jehovah God says in His Word:
    2Peter 3:9- He doesn’t want anyone to perish , but that all would repent.
    It’s not too late for any of you. I love you all, everywhere on Earth. Brothers James

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